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Winning in 2020

Here’s the good news about the Senate: Republicans have secured 50 Senate seats in the next Congress.

Here’s the bad news: there are two runoff elections in Georgia that we need to keep red. Senator David Perdue is in a runoff against J Street endorsed Jon Ossoff, and Senator Kelly Loeffler is in a runoff against J Street endorsed Raphael Warnock.

Picking up these two seats would give the GOP a commanding 52-48 seat advantage over Democrats. We are asking you to donate to both Republican Senate candidates, because Republican control of the Senate will act as a bulwark against Democrats’ radical liberal agenda, will block Democrats from funding any dangerous deals with Iran and other terrorist states, and will ensure that no activist liberal judges get lifetime federal appointments.

A 50/50 Senate will have every tie vote broken by the Vice President. Losing the two run-off seats in Georgia could mean Majority Leader Chuck Schumer instead of Majority Leader Mitchell McConnell, and it could mean Democrats winning every legislative battle in Congress.

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New Senate Endorsees

Kelly Loeffler


Kelly Loeffler was appointed to the Senate in 2019 after Georgia's senior Senator retired before the end of his term. Before that, she had a tremendously successful business career.During her ...

David Perdue


David Perdue is seeking a second term in Georgia. During his first term, he’s been a reliable tough-on-Iran voice on the Foreign Relations Committee. And he’s continued speaking out against Washin...