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Majority is the Priority!

The RJC’s number one priority in 2018 is to maintain our GOP majorities in Congress. To do that, we are utilizing the RJC-PAC like we’ve never done before. In addition to making sure our PAC is fully funded, we’ve created a vehicle for RJC members to give directly to the most important House and Senate races.

Not only do Republicans want to raise more money than ever, but we need to. Historically, a president’s party loses a significant number of seats in the first election after coming into office.

And, once again, the stakes are raised because of J Street’s commitment to attacking Republicans who support a pro-Israel and anti-Iran agenda. The RJC has a track record of going head-to-head with J Street in the most critical races each election and winning. We hope you will help us do that again this year!

Ways to Donate

1. I want to support the RJC PAC efforts to elect candidates who support our values

Support the RJC PAC

2. I want to give to multiple candidates who share our values

Support the RJC Endorsed Candidates

3. I want to give to a specific RJC-endorsed candidate:

House Candidates

Barbara Comstock


DC Democrats have made it clear that Barbara Comstock is their top target. They’ve recruited a very liberal but well-known local politician and bragged that victory is “in the bag” in this north...

Carlos Curbelo


Democrats know they can’t win the majority if they can’t unseat Carlos Curbelo, but they won’t have an easy time of it. In two terms, Curbelo has made a big impact, helping to write the tax cut ...

Young Kim


Young Kim came in first in the all-party primary race to replace her mentor retiring Congressman Ed Royce. She’s pledged to continue the strong pro-Israel leadership that Jewish Republicans counted ...

Leonard Lance


As co-chairman of the House GOP’s pro-Israel caucus, Congressman Leonard Lance consistently leads the way on the issues of utmost concern to Jewish Republicans. For that, Democrats have made him a t...

Peter Roskam


Peter Roskam is one of the most intelligent and effective members of Congress and pro-Israel advocates have benefitted greatly from his dedication to our cause. He wrote the bill to implement Presiden...

Keith Rothfus


Congressman Rothfus, a passionate pro-Israel advocate running against Democrat ‘golden boy’ Conor Lamb, is the only Republican member running against a fellow member of Congress – so the race is...

Senate Candidates

Mike Braun


Political outsider Mike Braun is working hard to unseat Senator Joe Donnelly, a very liberal Democrat who describes himself as a moderate when he’s back home in Indiana. Donnelly also portrayed hims...

Kevin Cramer


Congressman Kevin Cramer cites liberal Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s support for the Obama Iran deal as one of the top reasons he decided to run against her. Cramer was a leader in the House against the ...

Patrick Morrisey


West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey believes he can unseat Senator Joe Manchin if he can get the word out about Manchin’s liberal votes in Washington, D.C. Manchin portrays himself as a ...

If you are interested in contributing to other candidates please call us at 202.638.6688.