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Winning in 2020

The RJC PAC’s top goals for 2020 are to re-elect Donald Trump, the most pro-Israel President ever, to keep GOP control of the Senate, and to win back a Republican majority in the House.

To accomplish these goals, we need your help.

The RJC PAC is doing everything possible to provide resources to the candidates who need them the most. These are Republicans who have impeccable pro-Israel records, who have the vision needed to keep our economy strong, and who are in difficult races that will surely come down to the wire. Today, you can donate directly to those candidates through this secure portal. When you do that, the candidate will not only know the donation came from you but also know that you gave through the RJC PAC and, therefore, will know that the RJC’s issues are a priority for you.

We need your support today. People who want to see Israel diminished are already giving to groups that will help elect anti-Israel Democrats. In 2018, J Street was able to funnel over $5 million to candidates who support weakening Israel and capitulating to Iran. To win in 2020, we need your help to out-raise J Street and other groups like it. Will you help today?

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Presidential Endorsement

Donald Trump

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New Senate Endorsees

David Perdue


David Perdue is seeking a second term in Georgia. During his first term, he’s been a reliable tough-on-Iran voice on the Foreign Relations Committee. And he’s continued speaking out against Washin...

Lindsey Graham


Lindsey Graham is seeking a fourth term in the Senate. As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and of the Appropriations subcommittee that handles foreign operations spending, he is at the height of hi...

Thom Tillis


Thom Tillis is seeking a second term after winning his first term in 2014 with less than 49% of the vote. In his first term, Senator Tillis has been a strong supporter of Iran sanctions on the Senate ...

Susan Collins


First elected in 1996, Susan Collins has defied Maine’s Democratic leanings and repeatedly won reelection by demonstrating her effectiveness and eagerness to work across the aisle whenever possible.

Joni Ernst


Joni Ernst has kept her promise to target wasteful federal spending, a.k.a. “make Washington squeal.” She’s a member of the GOP’s Senate leadership team, and she’s led the effort to confirm ...

Cory Gardner


Colorado’s Cory Gardner has emerged as a key leader on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, leading the effort to impose expanded sanctions on North Korea. To ensure effective representation for ...

Martha McSally


Before being elected to represent Arizona in Congress, Martha McSally was a trail-blazer with an extraordinary 26-year career in the Air Force. Among many other distinctions, she was the first female ...

New House Endorsees

Lee Zeldin


One of two Jewish Republicans in the House, Lee Zeldin is an indispensable advocate for the causes that matter to Jewish Americans. He’s a stalwart on the Foreign Affairs Committee, a co-chair of th...

George Holding


First elected in 2012, North Carolina Representative George Holding has been a stalwart conservative and a great supporter of Jewish Americans. Recently, in response to concerns raised by Congressman ...

Brian Fitzpatrick


Brian Fitzpatrick, representing Bucks County outside of Philadelphia, is one of just three Republicans in the House of Representatives whose district was carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016. The RJC wa...